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Portal 2 is a computer game with a very simple premise: you’re trapped in a room and have to find the exit. The exit is never easy to reach: there might (for example) be an impassable chasm between your side of the room and the way out.

Fortunately you’re equipped with a Portal Gun, which works like this: fire at a wall and a hole appears there. Shoot the gun at another wall and a second hole appears there. You can walk through one hole and pop out of the other. You can see how this might be useful for crossing impassable chasms.

I've designed several levels for the game myself, using the Portal 2 level editor. It's a full-on brain workout to create something that's fun to play, and not too easy, or not too hard. Whole evenings have slipped past where I've even forgotten to eat anything. That can't be healthy.

I'm very lucky to have an amazing and annoying beta tester for my Portal 2 levels in the shape of @Unabanzie, who is extremely adept at discovering all the mistakes and inadvertent cheats in the chambers I build. Once he's thoroughly broken one, I go back to the drawing board, and this cycle repeats (sometimes several times) before the finished chamber can be published for the world to play.

You can take a look at my individual test chambers below or look at my full workshop profile here.

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