Full of bellicose rhetoric. At war with @fatwans. Losing.
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Thank you for visiting Toby’s home on the internet. Unlike his real home, there’s no dust, and you won’t be expected to bring a bottle when visiting.

a blog

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Everyone else is doing it. It’s a web log, and I’m on to my thirty-first entry. You’ll be treated here to some top-notch TV-style cookery demonstration, and some pretty cool dance moves as well.

solar data

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Toxic Towers rather conspicuously has eleven solar panels on top of it. They generate electricity, and earn money for us. I obsess about them a lot.


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We own a cat called Fatwans. Or more properly, she owns us. She is grumpy, standoffish, demanding, and devastatingly beautiful.


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Geocaching is high-tech treasure hunting using GPS. I’ve hidden a cache up on Sedgley Beacon. You’ll have to solve this puzzle first, though.

test chambers

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Portal 2 is the best computer game ever. Don’t argue: it just is. I’ve designed several levels for it. They are ace. Don't argue about that either.


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What personal web site would be complete without a gallery?  There are some pictures of me, some pictures of some other things, and some pictures I drew in Paint (proud of those).


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A potted history, and ways to contact me.  If you have any suggestions for this section, please email them to nice-things and bear in mind that I can be a cruel and vengeful Dignut, if the mood takes me.

My birthday is coming in:




Toby was created in a bizarre industrial accident involving a quantity of mercury, ethanol, polonium 210, and Cillit Bang.


Q: What do chickens put their letters in?

A: Henvelopes!

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