Full of bellicose rhetoric. At war with @fatwans. Losing.
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about toby

I was born something around forty years ago in deepest darkest Gloucestershire. I can drive a tractor, but don’t really like cider, and will talk like a country bumpkin after a couple of beers instead. I can play board games badly, play the piano worse, and play the fool very well. I enjoy brewing my own beer, drinking beer, and conversing with cats.
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I now live in Wolverhampton, working with my husband Phil as a wedding photographer. You can see our website here. I also work part time as a registrar. So when I'm not taking photos of people getting married, I'm actually marrying them.


I divide my leisure time equally between the outdoors and indoors. I'm an occasional surfer, geocacher, and runner. I've also recently joined British Military Fitness, which is boot camp style training delivered by ex-soldiers in a local park. It's very very hard, but enormous fun, and great for improving my fitness. I'll blog about that soon.

Indoors, I'm an incorrigible geek. I play and build computer game levels. I love all sorts of board games, and no puzzle is too hard to try. My record for the Rubik's cube is just under a minute. Yay me.

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Toby was created in a bizarre industrial accident involving a quantity of mercury, ethanol, polonium 210, and Cillit Bang.


Q: Which is the politest drink?

A: Cordial.

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