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All these veggies were grown in my garden. It’s possible that if you’re looking at this, you have more important calls on your time to which you should be attending. Nonetheless, here’s my vegetable garden gallery.
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Purple potatoes
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Beetroot unearthed
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Little Friend unimpressed
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Little Friend, hopefully not looking for somewhere to have a cr&p
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Purple potato: aka “Shetland Black”
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Raspberry hedge
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Runner beans and taking-over-the-planet pumpkin
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Runner bean art
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More art
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Little Friend
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Magic Beetroot
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These were delicious!


Toby was created in a bizarre industrial accident involving a quantity of mercury, ethanol, polonium 210, and Cillit Bang.


Q: What has one wing, three legs, and plays rugby?

A: A fly half.

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