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Build-your-own bedroom

Saturday, 30 June 2007

A little while ago I visited my very good friends Chris and Rachel

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A little while ago I visited my very good friends Chris and Rachel, who live in a fantastic house in Coalville, Leicestershire. They’re in the process of doing it up, and I’m talking about a major refurbishment, with their ambition only matched by their DIY talent. No project is too daunting! Me? I get nervous at the thought of building an Ikea bookcase.

As I arrived it was mentioned that I would be helping build my bedroom, as there was nothing in it. I laughed, but it shortly became clear that they weren’t joking. I would be spending the night in a room that at that moment had floorboards, walls, a window, and a ceiling. That was all. No carpet, bed, curtains, or light fittings.

Then the magic started. I’ve never seen anything like it! It began slowly, with Chris and me hammering in those spiky carpet gripper things around the edges of the floor. We then went out to do a bit of manly hunter/gathering at the supermarket, and returned to find that Rachel (the real DIY expert) had fitted the carpet, installed curtains and a lovely sparkly light, and built most of a bed. Astonishing.

To repay this enormous act of kindness, I took Chris and Rachel out geocaching in the rain. This is where you use a GPS receiver to find a hidden container in the great outdoors. C & R were very patient with me, considering I got the co-ordinates wrong, which meant we spent half an hour slipping about in a very wet, and very empty field.

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Toby with Rachel; enjoying her introduction to wet-weather geocaching immensely.

A bit of guesswork and recalculation took us to the cache, and a surprisingly good view over an enormous quarry.

That evening we went out to the world-famous Coach And Horses in Coalville to do karaoke. C & R are a bit good at this. Not to be outdone, I had a couple of pints to get some Dutch courage, and went on to murder “Monster” by The Automatic, and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens. I brought the house down. At least, I think I did.

So: through the medium of Blog, I want to thank Chris and Rachel for a fantastic weekend! I hope to see you again soon!

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