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Animal Crossing exchange visits!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Once a week I am privileged to have an exchange visit to Bramton, home to Ella.

Animal Crossing is a game for the Nintendo Wii. In this game you live in a leafy virtual town (mine is called Penncom) where you can do whatever you like! The game is beguilingly pointless, and quickly has you sucked in to its gentle and relaxing world of growing trees, talking to other town residents, fishing, planting flowers, collecting fossils, writing tunes, shopping, getting stung by bees, designing clothes, sending letters, having haircuts, and paying off your extortionate mortgage.

One of the charms of this game is that via wi-fi and the internet you can visit the towns of other real-life players. This is great: you can steal all the fruit from their foreign trees and make a mint selling it back home.

Once a week I am privileged to have an exchange visit to Bramton, home to Ella. Ella is the six year-old daughter of Nicola, one of my best friends from school days. Here’s Ella, and some screen shots of this evening’s proceedings in Penncom and Bramton:

I hope the wind doesn’t change, Ella!
Pasted Graphic 3
Arranging to visit Bramton (that’s me with the pink hair)
Pasted Graphic 4
Ella arrives in Penncom!
Pasted Graphic 5
Shopping in Bramton. Don’t you just LOVE the helmet that Ella gave me?
Pasted Graphic 6
Fatwans usually joins me on the sofa for my Animal Crossing sessions, but she doesn’t get as excited about it as I do.

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