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Being healthy

Sunday, 25 February 2007

My brother’s partner Elaine gave me half a box of Oatibix last week

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My brother’s partner Elaine gave me half a box of Oatibix last week, and I’ve just got round to trying them. I was warned that they weren’t very nice, but little could have prepared me for the bland cardboardiness of these buggers. I had four in one go, which was a mistake. The only way to finish them was to nearly half fill the bowl with sugar, which rather negates any health benefits I might have received. If this is what reducing your cholesterol tastes like, I am going to ask them to reserve me a bed in the Coronary Care Unit.

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Almost finished

While I’m on the subject of being healthy, I can confirm that I have given up alcohol for Lent! It’s TRUE. My poor liver won’t know what to do with itself. I’m going to to take it to the Job Centre tomorrow, so it can sign on. There was a nasty moment yesterday as I accidently wandered up the booze aisle at the supermarket. It was all I could do not to throw myself down on the cold shiny floor and have a great big temper tantrum. Still, I have to try and keep the “dignity” in the “Dignut”. But what ARE these little animals I keep seeing crawling all over the place?

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