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I can't believe you're still here. I can only presume you're on 'His' site for a laugh. Anyway, that's enough of that, it's 'me' time.
for starters
I was born something around forty years ago in deepest darkest Gloucestershire. I can drive a tractor, but don’t really like cider, and will talk like a country bumpkin after a couple of beers instead. I can play board games badly, play the piano worse, and play the fool very well.

I live with my cat Fatwans and my Husband Phil; both of whom tolerate me on a daily basis, for which I am forever grateful. Phil and I married on PI DAY, March fourteenth 2015. You can be all nosey and take a look at some of our wedding photos here, and see the video my brother Matthew made of the day here.

At the local comprehensive school, I told the careers teacher that he was going to be a dentist, as a joke. This got out of control, and a few A-levels later I found himself at Birmingham University, trying to stay awake when they dimmed the lights for lectures.

Recently I’ve felt the need for a new challenge in my career, exciting developments will be shared soon.
Now living and working in Wolverhampton, I've been a dentist for more than eighteen years! No-one is more surprised about this than me.
I divide my leisure time equally between the outdoors and indoors. I'm an occasional surfer, geocacher, and runner. A couple of years ago I joined British Military Fitness, which is boot camp style training delivered by ex-soldiers in a local park. It's very very hard, but enormous fun, and great for improving my fitness. I'll blog about that soon.

Indoors, I'm an incorrigible geek. I play and build computer game levels. I love all sorts of board games, and no puzzle is too hard to try. My record for the Rubik's cube is just under a minute. Yay me.
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Q: Which is the politest drink?

A: Cordial.
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